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Kingroot is one of the latest & enormous rooting tool of KingxTeam. Kingroot apk takes major part of the android world because Kingroot is one click root tool and Kingroot apk supports almost all android devices. After the root process you will get Kinguser to manage the root permissions. You can download Kingroot apk, latest Purify app and also Kingroot apk from our webpage. Purify makes your device much faster and purer.

Kingroot apk

KingXteam said, KingRoot apk is very user-friendly for lazy people who need a root access of their devices. However, there's no need to flash any recovery into their android devices. This is why KingRoot is very famous among Android lovers.

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Download Kingroot v4.5.2 apk    Download Kinguser APK    Purify apk Download    

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Special thanks goes to KingXteam for developing like this enormous one click rooting tool (KingRoot APK). Thank you FlashFire for sharing this tool with us.