How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge Without Tripping KNOX and Wiping Data

There hasn't rooting tool for Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge couple of months ago. At this moment you have PingPong Root to root Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge without tripping KNOX on your device.

What is Tripping KNOX?

KNOX is one of security platform for Samsung android devices which assures that no changes have been made to the android system partitions and also no potential security susceptibilities have been created by the user. If you try to make changes of system-level files, immediately it detected by KNOX, a hardware fuse is tripped. Once it's been tripped, you cannot reset it. It will directly affect to your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge warranty. After tripped KNOX, you cannot able to use Samsung pay which "Groundbreaking Mobile Payment Service". Now, you have no reason to be afraid because thanks to the PingPong Root.

How to Root Galaxy S6 without Tripping KNOX

Step 1: Make Sure Your ROM Version Is Supported. (You can check all the supported ROM version from our homepage PingPong Root)

Step 2: Install PingPong Root & SuperSU apk on your device. If your ROM version compatible for the PingPong root, you can root your Galaxy S6 successfully. Before starting you need to make sure that "Unknown Sources" option is enabled. Go to the "Settings > Lock Screen and security > Unknown Sources ON".

After that, you are ready to install PingPong root on your device. Download PingPong Root APK from our download page.

Launch PingPong root after the download complete, then tap on, "INSTALL" button. After that you will asked for the permission. Tick the box, then tap on "Install Anyway" to proceed.

After the installation, tap "OPEN" wait couple of seconds and it will prompt a new message to install SuperSu. Therefore, tap "INSTALL" button again. After the installation, press "DONE" button to go back to PingPong Root.

Step 3: Let's start Root your device. You will find 2 button on the PingPong root app. "Get root!" and "Download Data". At the 1st Step, if your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge ROM version was listed in the download data section, you must have to download the additional data. To do that tap on "Download Data" button. Once it's done press OK.

Now, you are ready to root your device. Tap, "Get root!" button to start rooting your galaxy S6. Wait couple of seconds to get rooted. After root done press OK and reboot your device immediately.

Step 4: Update your SuperSU binaries when you get back. Open SuperSU and press "Continue" to update SuperUser binaries of your device.

After that, it will prompt a message to update SuperSU binary. Chose "Normal" option. It will take couple of seconds to update your SuperSU binaries. When it has done reboot your device again.

Step 5: After rebooting your device Verify Root. Congratulations! You have successfully fully rooted your Galaxy S6/Edge using PingPong Root. Most important one is you have done it without tripping KNOX. To verify everything, download Root Checker from the Play Store

Finally, you'll see this result.

SuperSu APK      Download pingpongroot 5.1      PingPong Root APK